How to Set Up and Use “Do Not Disturb” on Discord?

Are you unsure of what to do to stop the constant flow of Discord notifications? We’re here to assist. This tutorial will demonstrate how to set up and utilize Do Not Disturb (DND) on Discord.

Why you should disable DND on Discord

Discord is an application designed for gamers to participate in conversations with other players in a group when playing. Every Discord server has a number of members as well as many group chats within. If you’re a fan of a variety of streamers and video games, chances are you’re an active member of all their Discord servers as well.

In addition to receiving alerts via Discord communities, you’ll be notified of individual messages or even pings from bots using the platform. It means you’ll receive hundreds of pings per minute, which is quite problematic.

This is why you’d need to create DND to be able to set up DND on Discord. This article will help you learn about how to cut down on the number of notifications on desktops that you receive via Discord and the constant stream of alerts you receive on mobile.

How to enable Do Not Disturb Mode in Discord’s Desktop Apps

The Discord desktop application is the same for Microsoft Windows, Apple’s macOS and Linux. We’ll give you a variety of options to limit the amount of notifications that are sent to Discord.

The easiest way to do this is to activate Do Not Disturb as a setting in the Discord application. Start Discord on your PC and sign into your account. Click on your profile picture in the lower-left part of the Discord window, next to your Discord username.

By default the default Discord status will be “Online” (when there’s a reason to be in active) as well as “Idle” (when there’s been a time when you’re absent from the app for a period of time). You can choose Do Not Disturb here to disable all notifications from your desktop on Discord. Discord will turn off the notifications until you modify the status of your account manually.

It is important to note that choosing Invisible or Idle status options will not muffle the notifications in Discord.

If the Do Not Disturb user profile is just a little boring for you, you could spice it up by setting up a personalized status in Discord. To set this up select your profile image in the lower-left right-hand corner in Discord’s Discord window. Select Set an individual status.

It will display a pop-up in which Discord allows you to create an individual status. Pick whatever you want from the first two options which includes an emoji or a symbol that you like, a text, and the time you’d like to erase your personalized status. Under three options (Status) Select”Do Not Remind from the list of options. After you’re done, click Save.

This is how you can make use of Discord’s setting status feature to create a customized DND state for you. This feature has the identical effect to the standard Do Not Disturb status. All messages on your desktop (including text messages as well as voice channels) are turned off in Discord.

You can still easily muffle notifications from your desktop if aren’t interested in changing your status online on Discord. To do this, just click the gear icon located in the lower-left corner of the Discord window. It will appear on the right side of your username. Click it and then click Open Discord settings.

In the left sidebar, choose Notifications. This is located found under App Settings. Remove the Desktop Notifications. This will prevent all notifications coming from Discord on your personal computer.

How do I enable Do Not Disturb on Specific Discord Servers

If you’d prefer to block all notifications on your desktop and only the ones for particular servers, you can find a method to do it very easily. For Discord’s desktop applications click the icon to the right of any server (you’ll notice these in the left pane of the app) and choose Mute Server. Select the time you’d like to disable it for and Discord will block all notifications coming from the server in accordance with that.

You can also alter the notification settings on each Discord server the same way. Click the server’s icon, then choose Notification Settings. You can choose the types of notifications you’d like to receive, and also disable mobile notifications for certain servers.

How to enable Do Not Disturb in Discord Mobile Apps

In the event that you’re currently using Discord using iOS or Android you are able to enable Do Not Disturb with ease. Launch Discord in your iPhone or Android phone. If you can see messages from text that you want to read, swipe to the right and reveal the channels and servers.

 Then, tap the profile icon at the lower right corner. Then tap to set the status. Choose Do Not Disturb to activate DND on Discord mobile phones.The feature doesn’t function equally well on Discord mobile phones as it does in its desktop applications. It’s because Do not Disturb is an active feature on Discord. If Discord discovers you’re not online then the Do Not Disturb setting is removed and you could receive notifications once more.

To avoid this issue To avoid this issue, you should muted servers and alter your notification preferences for every server. If you’re using Discord to iPhone and Android it is possible to do this by tapping on the Discord icon at the bottom left edge of your screen. This will show the servers that are part of Your Discord account.

Hold and tap on any Discord server’s icon, then select Notifications.You may choose Mute (SERVER NAME) to deactivate notifications for that server.

Alternately, you can turn on Do Not Disturb on your phone or block notifications from Discord completely. For instance using the iPhone you can deactivate notifications for Discord by going to settings > notifications > Discord. Then, turn off Allow Notifications.

If you’re on Android You can navigate to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Show Discord > All Apps > Notifications. You can now disable all Discord Notifications, and then mute them within the app. It’s important to note that these steps can differ in accordance with the version and the flavor of Android your phone is running.

Enjoy Peace and Relaxation

When you have reduced the notifications overflow that comes from Discord the app will be much more efficient. It’s no longer necessary to be annoyed by unimportant notifications and you can focus your attention on the groups that you are passionate about the most.

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