Repost Not Showing In TikTok? Here’s How To Fix

Have you ever come across an image you loved enough that you wanted to have everyone in your circle watch it? If you’re using TikTok you can answer that question. likely to be a clear yes, since the app is brimming with fun for all ages. However it’s possible that the Repost button’s inability to show could dampen this enjoyable sharing activity.

If you’re wondering how you can’t post a video to TikTok You’re in the right spot. Continue reading to learn the reasons behind why to the Repost feature to fail appear, and the best way to resolve it.

Outdated App

Regular updates are vital to the proper functioning of an application. TikTok is no exception in that each update improves or resolves problems that are already present. If you’re not set up to receive auto updates to TikTok on your smartphone then you may not be in a position to view the latest innovations that the app offers.

The option of repost is new, therefore it might not appear on your screen until you upgrade your TikTok application.

How to Update TikTok on Android

Making updates manually TikTok using Android is an easy procedure. Since TikTok is part of the Play Store is Android’s app management tool, this is the place we’ll look to get the solutions.

  1. Launch the Play Store.
  2. Click to reveal your account icon.
  3. Select Manage apps & devices.
  4. Click here to view Updates on the site..
  5. Keep scrolling down to can find TikTok.
  6. Click the Update button to the right.

After the update process has completed, open TikTok and see if the red repost button is returning to the place it should be.

If TikTok does not appear in this list of applications that require updates, then you’re running the most recent version of the app. In this instance you’ll have to look deeper to find out the reason you’re experiencing issues with the repost feature.

How to Update TikTok on an iPhone

TikTok keep its customers busy with regular updates, which introduce new features. Make sure your app is up to date so that you can enjoy everything it can offer. Here’s how to look to see if there are any updates available on your iPhone:

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Enter “TikTok” into the search box located at near the top.
  3. Click it to open the menu in the app.
  4. Click to activate the button to update. button.

If you aren’t able to find the update button, then your application is current. This means that the option to repost isn’t showing and is not related to the version of your app that you’re running.

If you’ve followed the steps we suggested and have changed the app, now is the time to return to TikTok. Choose that video or image you’d like show your followers and verify if updating the application brought back the option to repost.

Feature Not Available for You

As with applications, TikTok releases major changes slowly. The app’s developers usually offer the app to a small group of users in the initial testing period. After thoroughly testing the feature and gaining feedback, they will roll it out to everyone.

If you’re unable to locate the option to repost on your TikTok app, it could not be available at this point. Make sure to check with your friends in similar countries, then wait. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy this feature within a matter of minutes.

Video Not Available for Repost

You’re confident that you’re certain that your TikTok application is up-to-date and that the repost feature is in your area. If so it’s time to turn our attention away towards your video that you’d prefer upload.

The repost option isn’t accessible for any video on TikTok. The only videos that you can send to your followers via this option are ones that you can find within Your To You Page.

So, if you’ve seen an engaging TikTok but are unable to locate the repost button it is necessary to take a second look. Locating the place you watched this video might be the key piece of puzzle that you’re missing.

The Discover Tab

TikTok allows you to get lost in the endless scrolling and forget how you reached the video you’re watching. You can, however, quickly verify if you’re currently there on their page called Discover. page.

Click to click the Return button to go back to your previous page. If you’re on your page called Discover page on the homepage, then you’ve found the answer. The repost option isn’t available for the videos you see there.

The Following Tab

Your home page, it appears the same no matter if you’re on through the Next or For You tabs. Because of this, you may not realize you’re in fact there on Your for you page.

It wouldn’t be an issue if you were able to post videos to both tabs. However you can’t. The Repost button will not appear when the video you’re looking for is located on the following page.

To confirm this, look to the right of your monitor. If the following button is too large and you don’t have the ability to post any videos that you’ve seen while browsing the page.

The Inbox Tab

Sometimes, you get lost in the TikTok film that you forget that you didn’t actually locate the video. It was actually sent by someone else to you.

Unfortunately, you’re not able to transfer this joy to others for a while. TikTok does not allow the reposting of videos that you’ve received from your inbox.

Simply tap the back button to confirm that it’s the case. If your chat inbox with a person pops up and the video they shared is not visible, you must stay between you for the moment.

Share the Fun

There’s no greater feeling than knowing that acquaintances also like a video that you enjoy. If you’re not able to utilize TikTok’s TikTok Repost button right now take a look at our guide to learn why. While the feature isn’t accessible to you and you want to share the fun sending the video manually to your contacts.

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