What is Sonic Update Manager and How to Remove It

Here’s a technical guide on how to fix that pesky small issue that’s caused by computer makers like Dell as well as HP! They install too much junk on your computer when you purchase it, and you end up with a ton of useless software on your computer including Sonic Update Manager. Be sure to check out my other blog post on the removal of junkware from your PC in a way that is automatic.

What is Sonic Update Manager?

Sonic Update Manager is not an actual software program but rather a third-party software or service that works in conjunction with the Sonic RecordNow software. Sonic RecordNow lets you create CDs and DVDs, which means it’s not necessary to delete it from your computer. But, you might notice that each time you start your computer, you’ll receive an amazing notification coming from Sonic Update Manager to open into the Sonic CD, which you don’t have because Dell did not provide it to you. And you then press Cancel just seems to annoy the program more since it appears every time and will not go away! What a hassle!

How to Remove or Uninstall Sonic Update Manager?

There are several ways to solve the issues that are associated the Sonic Update Manager. I’ll cover them in order. The first and most straightforward approach, if it’s possible is to access the Control Panel and click add or remove programs. Find Sonic Update Manager and if you’re lucky, simply select to remove it to remove it.

Don’t forget to eliminate Sonic RecordNow because it’s the program you utilize to record your DVDs and CDs. Another option is to deactivate this Sonic Update service that starts in the moment your computer starts. This can be done by selecting Start Click on Run after which you type into Microsoft Configuration and press the Enter key..

Then click then on then the Startup option, and you’ll be able to see all the processes that begin as your computer starts. You can disable any of them to block it from loading during the boot up. To install those using the Sonic software, you’ll need to look for any startup item that is named sgtray or one that contains any of the terms Sonic Update Manager or Update Manager in the path of the command or the location.

If you also see the names of isuspm and issch make sure to remove them too as they’re the culprits behind this problem too. There may be a program known as “UpdateService” or “InstallShield” in the command column. be sure to remove those only if the path to the command includes Sonic in it. If the path to the Windows system directory such as C:WindowsSystem32 Don’t check it out as it may cause instability to your system.

Sonic Update Manager Hotfix

You may also download an Sonic Update Manager hotfix from Roxio themselves that may resolve your issue. After installation, you can start your computer to check whether the pop-up message is gone.

Microsoft Fixit

If you notice that your Sonic Update Manager installation has been damaged, this issue can also happen. In this scenario, you may attempt to fix the issue using an Microsoft Fixit solution that will attempt to resolve any issue on your system that’s experiencing difficulty in uninstalling the program.

One of the above methods can fix your pop-up issue! Sonic software is quite old and the company does not create the software any more. The best solution is to remove Sonic completely and then go through my previous article about essential freeware sites to discover the best freeware to complete your job. Enjoy!

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