What Does Delivered Mean on Snapchat?

There is no doubt that technology has made our lives easier and smoother. The things that seemed impossible ten years ago can be performed with a single tap. With so much advancement and convenience, so many new things, terms, and words are difficult to understand and differentiate from one another. The same is the case with Snapchat. Most people are unaware of what “delivered” means on Snapchat and how it differs from “sent.”

On social media platforms, each word has a different meaning; however, they might not feel different from one another. When your text, image, video, or any snap is marked as delivered on Snapchat, it has reached the recipient. No matter if the recipient has seen it or not. 

What Does Delivered Mean on Snapchat?

A Snapchat delivery signifies that the receiver has gotten a message from you and that the message has been sent to their phone. “Delivered” will appear on Snapchat if your message has been sent and received by the Snapchat server on the recipient’s phone.

It’s vital to note that although the “Delivered” phrase is the same for all messages, Snapchat uses distinct symbols with varying colors, such as red, blue, & purple. This means:

  • Text, voice messages, or pre-recorded video or picture from the Camera Roll and Snapchat Memory area may be sent instantly from inside the Chat screen and sent with a blue arrow to the receiver, who receives it on their mobile device.
  • You’ll notice Delivered and a red arrow on the recipient’s phone when you send a snap without audio using the Snapchat camera.
  • You’ll notice Delivered and a purple arrow when you send a snap with audio (video) taken using Snapchat’s camera to the receiver, and they get it on their phone.

Before an update in 2015, Snapchat had a “Best Friends” feature, which allowed users to view the best friends of others. According to a survey, 64% of Snapchat users still want the Best Friend feature to come back.

Difference Between the Snapchat Icons – Sent and Received

When you send a Snap or Chat message to a buddy, the ‘Sent’ status is utilized and saved on the Snapchat server. However, your pal does not appreciate it. This might be the result of a server or network problem.

You may use the following example to help you better grasp the problem at hand. Take a Snap, for example. Tap the “Send” button to send a message to a friend. When you accomplish this, your buddy will get a Snap.

When you see your buddy the following day, you bring up the subject of the Snap you sent. On the other hand, your pal claims to have received “no Snap off yours” at all. That’s where the issue is. A red arrow symbol with the phrase ‘Sent’ next to your friend’s profile indicates a message has been sent.

In other words, just though it says “Sent” doesn’t imply that your buddy will get the Snap. The Snap has been saved in the Snapchat database, but the recipient has yet to receive it. It will display the ‘Delivered‘ word if it has been successfully delivered.

How Long Do Delivered Snaps Last Before They Expire?

All unread Snaps will expire after a certain amount of time. The culture of anonymity in the applications will cause even unread messages and photographs to disappear. There are two periods to think about when it comes to unread Snaps.

As was already said, the symbols let you monitor the status of each Snapchat message you’ve sent. A message sent to a group of individuals is only available for 24 hours. After 30 days, messages sent to a single recipient are removed.


If the Snapchat message is marked as “Sent,” the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone. And the recipient has yet to open it. The recipient’s profile name displays the term “Delivered” next to a colored arrow symbol. Snaps and conversations employ a variety of colored arrows to denote their various sorts. The red arrow indicates a snap without audio, the purple arrow indicates a snap with audio, and the blue arrow indicates a snap sent in chat.

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