What To Do When You Can’t Find The Vizio TV Buttons?

In general, Vizio TVs are very premium and an excellent option for those who are looking to upgrade their older TV.

One of the design choices made by Vizio However, it can create confusion for some customers. A lot of owners of Vizio think that the TV does not have physical buttons due to the fact that they generally are situated in an odd spot and aren’t readily accessible.

In this post I’ll explain how to locate those buttons that are on the Vizio TV, and I’ll provide other options to control your TV If you’ve lost the remote.

Let’s get started!

Where Are the Buttons on My Vizio TV?

Whatever your Vizio TV is the chances are it has at least one button, though the majority will have more than three. You might need to use an flashlight to see the buttons, due to the fact that they are so blending in. There is the Vizio Power button, or the Power/Menu button (and perhaps other buttons) in two places (since about 2013).).

Vizio TV button places for 2013 and later TVs:

  • The lower left side on the Vizio TV
  • The lower right-hand side is the lower right backside Vizio TV

NOTE: Any Vizio models from 2012 or earlier and a few 2013 models included power, and possibly buttons for volume and menu and other buttons located on the right side or on the the front of it (some that had capacitive touch using LEDs, and hidden in the frame).

In accordance with the model you have depending on the model you own, you’ll find different buttons, and different button sets. Each button has a one for power, essential to turn on your TV or off, and also to power cycle it in the event that it doesn’t turn on. The majority of models also have buttons for volume, channels as well as input mode. Certain models have just one button used for Power and Menu which is difficult to spot.

What to Do When You Can’t Find the Vizio TV Buttons

If you can’t locate the remote controls on your TV, or you find them difficult to use There are alternatives to use. There’s a reason all TVs have remote controls. It is not a good idea to rise from their sofa every when they want to switch the channels.

Let’s examine various options to control you Vizio TV, even if you’ve lost or damaged that original remote.

Option 1: SmartCast Mobile

If you’d like to manage your Vizio via your phone the easiest method is to download the Vizio SmartCast Mobile. It is a robust app developed by Vizio which offers a broad range of options to make managing your Vizio easier and more convenient.

It comes with all the features you’ll need, like Play/Pause/Stop, Volume Up/Down and the power on/off feature. You can also alter aspects ratios, choose the input, and utilize the other functions that typically require the use of a remote.

You can browse through movies and music, TV shows and other types of content that you typically stream on your television. It is easy to navigate your library and the app comes with numerous features like voice control that makes browsing more enjoyable. The SmartCast app is available for both iOS as well as Android.

The only drawback to the SmartCast application is that it can only be used on TVs that are SmartCast enabled that implies that Vizio TVs that were manufactured prior to 2015 won’t work with it..

This app is incredibly efficient and useful alternative to a traditional remote.

Option 2: Use an IR-Based Smartphone App

Another option that works with every Vizio TV is an infrared (IR)-based smartphone application. Nowadays, a lot of Android phones come with the IR blaster, a device which allows phones to send out light pulses infrared similar to what a traditional remote control for TV.

Be aware that Apple hasn’t yet put in any IR blaster for any of their phones, which means your iPhone can’t simulate an IR-based remote controller. For those who are a iOS users, then you’ll need use alternative methods that are described in this article.

You can find out if your Android phone comes with an IR Blaster by looking up the specifications of your phone on the website of the manufacturer.

It is also possible to perform an easy visual test for the IR blaster is small black areas located on the upper edge of your phone, perhaps smaller than pinhead. If a visual inspection fails to provide the answer. In this scenario you’ll need to download phone tester. Phone Tester app, a free application that provides an abundance of technical information within you Android phone. Run Phone Tester and look in the “Communication peripherals” section. If it says IR can be used, then you’re in good shape.

There’s a wide selection of IR remote apps that are available. One of the top ones specifically designed for Vizio televisions is VizRemote. But, nearly every IR remote app will satisfy your requirements.

Option 3: VizRemote

VizRemote is an app designed to recreate the experience of the traditional Vizio remotes which makes it perfect for users who have become familiar with this Vizio remote. The application is older, meaning it’s designed after older Vizio remotes made in 2012 or 2011 and it doesn’t have shortcuts of any kind on in the upper part on the remote.

VizRemote does however contain nearly every other button you’d expect on the Vizio remote, such as the ability to access the applications available on your TV. The remote doesn’t feel as nice when you hold it in your hand like regular remote controls. The absence of shortcuts is a pity and the design is a little less contemporary as the newer Vizio sets.

If you own an old Vizio television, then you’ll enjoy the 3D option that is built into the software which lets you switch 3D off or on your TV, without diving into the settings.

Option 4: Chromecast/Google Home

If you have the Google’s Chromecast or Google Home then you already know how simple controlling your television with no physical remote. If not then here’s how. When you connect your television via Google Home, the only thing you’ll need is your voice in order to operate your TV.

There’s practically nothing on your television that you don’t manage with your voice. All your commands for browsing, streaming, and browsing content are all in one place. Additionally, it can interact in conjunction with smart appliances such as speakers and lights. This makes it one of the most efficient ways to control your TV without doubt.

Option 5: Vizio Universal Remote

In the end, you could buy an Vizio universal remote which will be compatible with any model. If you’d prefer an actual remote it is the ideal alternative. Once you’ve completed the above, you only need to do is configure it. The procedure is fairly simple and takes only a few minutes. Follow the instructions on the remote.

If you’re unable to do it the first time, verify whether you’ve entered the correct code, or run the auto-code method again. It often involves repeatedly pressing a certain button to search over the code until you locate the one that is working. When the TV begins to respond it’s good to go.

The Final Word

Vizio has always been at the forefront in the field of visual technology and their designs aren’t any different. The buttons aren’t easy to locate in dim lighting however, it eliminates the distracting presence of the font, and also the easy-to-bump features to the side. Like we said it is possible to have a remote at hand to perform the same functions, with the exception of the power cycling process that you aren’t likely to use regularly.

Now knowing the exact location of the button on the Vizio TV are, you’ll are aware of what to do if the remote goes out on you.

It’s beneficial to think about one of the options shown here, since they provide the most convenient method to control your TV. Pick the one that works most effectively for you, and then enjoy streaming your favourite content to you Vizio TV.

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